Free! Invitation to Creativity with Rusty Harden and Theresa

Jan. – How shapes tell a story. The Group of Seven
In the early decades of the twentieth century, circumstances brought together several artists who were committed to exploring, through art, the unique character of the Canadian landscape. Collectively they agreed: Canada’s rugged wilderness regions needed to be recorded in a distinctive painting style. This style would break from European tradition and reflect an increasingly nationalistic sentiment.
Shape is the external form, the contours, or the outline of a subject. Though shapes are two-dimensional in painting and drawing, artists use other elements including line, color, value, and shadow to give a shape the appearance of a three-dimensional shape.
Art supply list:
Use whatever you have available! Pencil, Eraser, Pens, Colored pencils, Markers, Crayons, Pastels, Watercolors: (pan , tube or pencils), Acrylic paint, Paper:(Drawing, mixed media or watercolor
What to expect:
~ Warm up with themed quick sketches that will have you laughing and contemplating.~ Creative awareness exploration~ Art appreciation exploring contemporary artists. ~ Creative studio time through inspiration with Artist Rusty Harden.
Flex your creative muscles online as we create & learn through art appreciation and creativity.

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