Emotional Landscapes: healing art workshop

Welcome! My name is Natalie. I’m an art therapist, and I’m so happy that you are here.
So what is this all about?
This workshop is a structured healing art-making session for anyone who enjoys creative self-expression. No previous art experience or fancy supplies are necessary. The aim of the workshop is to allow you to understand your emotional states on a deeper level and witness how your mood might show up through artwork. Noticing and understanding our emotions are the first steps to healing and self-love.
You may expect to engage on a few different levels: through a group chat, individual creativity and reflection, and group sharing (for those who feel comfortable doing so). We will go through 3 drawing prompts and 3 journaling prompts. You will have time to explore them in any way you wish. While this session is structured to enhance the flow, I trust that you will know exactly what to do.
“But I can only draw stick figures….”
And that’s okay! And that’s brilliant. Your stick figures can tell you so much about your feelings, struggles, hopes, and dreams. What would happen if you offered acceptance towards your stick figures, simply for them being yours?
Your artwork is a reflection of the unique magic held within you. If you want to gain more insight into your emotions, this workshop is for you!
What will I need?
When picking your supplies, go simple. Consider that each art-making prompt will be approximately 15-20 minutes.
– sketchbook or a few sheets of paper
- markers, pencils, pens, crayons
- glue, scissors (optional)
Online space
Since we are meeting online, I’d like to invite you to find a calm, safe space where you can relax and enjoy the workshop in peace, without any interruptions. Bring a cup of tea, some snacks, and your cozy blankie (my personal favourites).
The session is scheduled for 2 hours, however, depending on capacity and sharing needs, it might end earlier.
If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email at natalieveryb@gmail.com .
About me:
I am a professional illustrator, Art Therapist (DTATI), and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). I strongly believe in the empowerment that comes from art and play, and the mental health benefits that stem from it. I am certain that all humans are artistic at heart, and that everyone can express themselves through art in their own unique way.
I am here to help my adult clients resolve the consequences of past trauma and reconnect with their minds, bodies, and souls. In my sessions, I provide a warm and safe space for you to explore what lies beneath the surface. I invite creativity to the therapeutic space to allow you to feel more connected. We might talk, write, draw, cry and laugh together. I offer compassion and understanding, no matter what problem you bring to me. I believe that a good therapeutic relationship can help us heal our deepest wounds.

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