Edward Hopper, Part I: The Artist in New York' Webinar

With the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Edward Hopper exhibit in full swing until March 5, 2023, what better way to commemorate the groundbreaking exhibition than by revisiting the art that made American artist Edward Hopper a superstar in the first place? Whether it’s his distinctive eye that challenged the way he presented his contemporary world, to his resistance to the ever-changing modernity of the 20th century, his art invokes inherent anxiety and intriguing mystery like no other artist of his generation. It’s time to re-engage with Hopper’s theatrical world created in paint — one that’s still captivating and startlingly relevant all these years later.
Join New York Adventure Club for a two-part series that explores the art and life story of Edward Hopper. In Part One , we focus on Hopper’s artwork made in and about New York City. Mesmerizing and always fresh, this art showcases the urban experience in all its complexity.
Led by Rena Tobey, American Art Historian and Professor at NYU’s School for Professional Studies, our artistic deep dive will include:

Afterward, we’ll have a Q&A with Rena — any and all questions about these artworks are welcomed and encouraged!
Can’t make it live? Don’t worry, you’ll have access to the full replay for one week after the entire series concludes!
See you there, virtually!

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Edward Hopper Series
Part 1 – The Artist in New York
Part 2 – Jo Hopper & America’s Great Art Couple

About Rena
Rena Tobey is an American art historian whose passion centers on making art accessible, insightful, and fun. She teaches at NYU’s School for Professional Studies and conducts lively, interactive tours of museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Jewish Museum, and the American Folk Art Museum. Rena’s research and writing centers on American women artists working before 1945, with particular interest in the challenges they faced in bucking societal norms.

“Rena is a very knowledgable, dynamic presenter. She speaks with clarity and nice pace. She also works to engage viewers and acknowledge their comments. She made interesting connections/comparisons and focused on a limited number of works.” -David
“Presenter is terrific. One of the better presentations from NYAdventure Club.” -Alexis
“Fun, interactive and informative. Host was excellent at presenting material and fielding questions/comments.” -Michelle
“The speaker – energetic, well-informed, interacted continually with the audience. One of the best I’ve seen.” -Laurie
“I liked the interaction with the viewers although I was seeing it with replay…their comments gave a vitality to the lecture” -Debbie
“I liked the content and primarily the Presenter !!~~excellent presentation, engaged the audience and was very well informed …the perfect Trifecta !!~Lynda
“Excellent interaction with comments without losing train of thought. Best presenter I’ve seen!” -Sue
“The speaker was knowledgeable, interesting and engaging. The info provided reasons why I found Hopper’s paintings intriguing. Definitely coming back” -Beth
“Liked the presenter: passionate, VERY knowledgeable about E Hopper and presented exceptionally engaged in content. Liked the content: thought provoking” -Dianne
“The leader is really really good. As a professor, I appreciate her ability to integrate listeners’ comments into her presentation. She is also very clear. She also avoided a too easy interpretation of Hopper as simply alienation. Her non-Hopper introductions and her comparisons of art works (and her multi-media examples) were also very helpful” -Peter
“I liked the knowledge and enthusiasm of the speaker. The sense of inclusion – outstanding! The superb choice of representative images. Basically everything” -Penny
“Very informative & the speaker was very dynamic & engaging.” -Carolyn
“Ms. Tobey was very engaging and kept my interest the whole time.” -Carolyn The presenter really knew her stuff and provided very interesting insights and comparisons.” -Nancy
“The speaker was amazing. She had a great presentation and was able to respond to many, many comments from the audience on the fly” -Michael
“Rena was engaging right from the start, audience participation welcomed throughout. Learned things about Edward Hopper I didn’t know. Will look for Rena’s name on future lectures.” -Lynn
“Rena gave a wonderful lecture. Her use of language and her feel for the art made for a terrific experience.” -Adrienne
“Rena was excellant at showing the influence of other artists on Hopper, both in the past and his contemporaries. She talks very confidently and knowledgeably about her subject and about New York City streets and architecture.” -Carol
“So much information, included audience comments and observation, delightful “teacher”” -Hannah
“Best of these events I have participated in since the speaker was most knowledgeable, covered key points and managed her time well although she had a bit too much material that she couldn’t fully cover at the end. I think this was because she was highly responsive to audience members.” -Frances
“Rena was knowledgeable and the slides were great visuals and the presentation was engaging. She did a great job providing information but also interacting with the attendees as they commented in the Chat.” -Meg
“Expert instructor. Her enthusiasm. Her ability to lecture w/ PowerPoint and skim and respond to Chat entries in real time.” -Thomas
“Loved the flow of images, lecture and response. Will certainly try another talk” -Roger
“Interesting, informative, fun – loved it! I’m already a huge fan of Hopper, but I still learned lots!” -Susan
“Lively, yet focused and easy to follow, her amazing ability to pick up on the chat comments, weaving them into the talk, while eloquently going through her presentation!!” -Uli
“The presenter was engaging, knowledgeable, and very approachable. Definitely the best one I’ve been to!” -Grace
“Rena’s presentation was absolutely superb!” -Trish
“I like the background and influences that Edward Hopper had to create his style and comparing his work to other treasures and media. Rena was superb!” -Thaisa
“The speaker’s presentation was so well prepared yet not rigid. I also like that she asked for the audiences observations on each piece and blended the responses with actual historical information and facts about the artist and their work.” -Merle
“Rena, the speaker, is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable, AND has a superb ability to be exciting & involve the audience!!” -Deborah

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Photo Credit: All Photos – Edward Hopper
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