Drink and Draw With Tai (Rabbit Session)

Join Tai for a virtual ‘Drink & Draw’ class/session. During the two hours he’ll provide his drawing techniques with casual and comprehensible instruction at a pace that will allow you to draw along with him.
Log on, have a beverage with Tai and and do some drawing with other like-minded individuals.
Past sessions have been diverse with age ranges from 5yr olds to 70yr olds; skill level ranges from “never drawn before” types to professional artists and with people from all across the globe. They often include entire families drawing together, couples date-night drawing or just lone-creators. It’s an open nonjudgmental environment for all. Many participants are now regulars who have been joining the sessions since the first one back in March 2020. They have returned each night and they have improved significantly. That can be the case for you too.
Best & cheapest option to participate is to join the ArtByTai Patreon fam. Just $3 a month. Or you can purchase via Eventbrite for $10.
2 hour drawing class (per household device)
Things you’ll need:
For the best Drink & Draw experience please participate in Tai’s short 10 minute warm-up video prior to the session. It will be beneficial to you. In it he briefly provides some tips on how he uses light source & his particular shading styles both of which will be used in the session. Video Link Here
If you have time, here is another useful video to watch prior to a Drink & Draw:  https://youtu.be/2sPNJnCepKc
Bypass buying tickets each month by joining Tai at Patreon.com/ArtByTai . When joining Patreon you get access to all future and past DND sessions, plus a whole bunch of other ArtByTai benefits.
If you have more than one family member drawing with you, we recommend a desktop (or larger-screened device) because multiple devices near each other creates a bad echo.
Once you purchase your ticket, you’ll receive confirmation, with an “event page” button link that will take you to a page with all pertinent information including password and Zoom link. Be sure to keep a copy of the meeting ID & the password & also keep access to a link to that page. From that page you can link directly to the Zoom meeting.
If you haven’t received any log-in info within 2 hours of start time contact us immediately at Tai@ArtByTai.com.
If you’re a Patreon contributor, password and login information is posted at Patreon.com/ArtByTai .
Make sure that you have Zoom downloaded and are ready to enter the password. It is a 2 hour session and we will start promptly.
*By the end of the 2 hours, you should have something on your paper that resembles what we set out to draw. Tai usually stays online for an additional hour, it’s optional, but in that 3rd hour is when Tai starts adding in the really weird stuff. Everyone is welcome to continue into the 3rd, sometimes 4th & 5th hours, if there is additional drawing time.
*Parents, while there is no age-restriction, please note this class is geared toward adults and you can expect adult conversation that may not be suitable for children.

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