Dreams & Vision Boards: Manifesting 2023

This is NOT your typical vision boarding session! This is the most EXPANSIVE way to begin the NEW YEAR, starting with a guided meditation to engage with your BIG LIFE dreams, that trails into a guided vision setting practice, and finishing with collaging a vision-board (or other practice that feels more aligned for you!). This ENTIRE PRACTICE will truly change your life, and how you approach your own sense of intuition and manifesting all those incredible things that you deserve & desire.
This is one of the most TRANSFORMATIVE practices I have offered in our community because it sets the tone for an entire year, and I cannot to wait to see what you are able to create in 2023!
If you’re unable to attend the live event, a recording and a curated playlist will be sent to you via email so you can engage with practice on your own 🙂
Please bring something to collage on (poster board, construction paper/sketch pad), something to collage with (magazines, printed images, graphics, or just a pen if you prefer writing), 2 notecards or index cards, and a pen! Optional: markers & colored pencils!
Hi there! My name is Rachel of Bondfire Co. and I’m a psychic, intuitive, coach, and all around multi-hyphenate healer, and I help my clients step into their DREAM LIVES. You deserve to know and trust in your UNIQUE magic, power, gifts, and abilities and use all that you are to magnetize a life that you DESERVE – a life that embodies all things YOU.
If working together 1:1 feels aligned for you – click here !
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