Creativity Gym

We need creativity. We need it to help us innovate, solve problems, brainstorm, pivot, and expand. We need it to help us become confident, flexible, comfortable with ambiguity, good listeners, and good decision makers. We need it to help us explore, be curious, and create the future we want to live in.
Unfortunately, we don’t learn creativity after grade school. Only a lucky few make it to adulthood with their creative curiosity intact. Most of us are told we’re not good at (fill in the blank – art, writing, singing, acting, drawing, coloring, crafting, etc.). Or we’re told that play is something that can be done when the real work is finished.
I believe that real work requires play. I believe that no matter what we were told, we are all creative. I believe that using your creativity muscles on a regular basis will help you in work and in life – when you need to draw on some creative inspiration, you’ll have the experience to back you up.
This group meets weekly, either in the morning or the evening. You don’t need to attend twice in one day! When you get the tickets through Eventbrite, you will need to purchase a ticket each week. If you sign up at you can get it at a slight discount by getting a month at a time.

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