Christine Kobielski "Altered Reality and Creativity in Photography"

by Christine Kobielski


We live in a digital age. Is it a photograph or is it a painting? This fusion is appearing in galleries all over the world and has only been possible in the last few years with the advent of sophisticated editorial programs for photographers allowing photographers the freedom to go deeper and tell the stories that live in their hearts.

In this presentation we will see how the combination of photography and an editorial program can free the artist to express more fully the stories that come from within. We will see how we can learn from the great masters and how the masters learn from one another. We will get some ideas on how to get started if we don’t know where to start, where to turn to for ideas if we don’t have any, how to play, and how a little basic Knowledge in art movements can be very beneficial to a photographer interested in communicating at a deeper level. (Knowledge of art movement is also very beneficial to those interested in photography competitions like Altered Reality, Repetition, and Abstract, for all these competitions are strongly related to art movements and can clarify some of the confusion about these competitions.)


A Creative Tap on the Shoulder

Christine’s passion for photography, art, and the creative spirit lives in her work.

“It is my reaction to the world, the way I see it. It can be a feeling of awe; it might be a story I feel compelled to tell; it could be philosophical, psychological, or political; or maybe I just want to play and have fun. But
whatever it is, it often begins with a quiet, inner stirring—the creative voice within.

I have travelled the art galleries of the world, studied fine art and psychology at university level, and learned to paint in Mexico and Toronto. My serious interest in photography began when I joined the Etobicoke Camera Club thirteen years ago. Over those years I honed my photography skills. Art has no exclusive medium. Oil painting, watercolour, sculpture, cut outs, found objects, etc. are mediums we are all familiar with. My medium of choice is a digital camera which has become the window into my soul, and Photoshop which allows me the freedom to go deeper into life’s metaphors.

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